Nutritional Development Services (NDS) is an agency of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia within the Secretariat for Catholic Human Services. For forty years, NDS’ mission has been to serve children and those in need with food and food-related resources. NDS accomplishes its mission in two distinct ways: by administering the federally-funded Child Nutrition programs and through the privately supported Community Food Program.

Mission Statement

The mission of NDS is to provide meals, food assistance and additional support to organizations serving children and the poor as an extension of the service and mission of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

NDS Logo

The Nutritional Development Services logo is a reminder to us of the Gospel story of the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. Jesus is teaching the crowds at length and when it gets late the disciples ask him to send the crowd away so that people can buy themselves some food.   Jesus directs the disciples to give the crowd food themselves.   The disciples complain that they do not have nearly enough food for so many.   Jesus tells them to go and see what they do have.  They bring it to him and with it he feeds the five thousand.

Nutritional Development Services actualizes this story through its daily activities.  By providing healthy meals to children in schools, child care centers, after-school programs, and summer programs, children are nourished physically.  Through the Community Food Program, parishes, schools and other community groups share with families, senior citizens and others who need to have assistance in receiving their daily bread.